Custom Home Design Services

Aspiring homeowners can trust Blue Ridge Custom Homes with their custom home design process. With our full-service home design, we start from scratch with your ideas and property to create a functional and beautiful home that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Our house designers and architects will create innovative, custom new house designs that will bring your ideas into reality. This means that apart from trusting us with your custom house construction, you can also rely on us to create a new home design within your budget.

Years of Experience

Blue Ridge Custom Homes has a strong reputation for unmatched design quality, superior services, and excellent technical drawings developed over our 2-decade history and production of thousands of fine homes. We look forward to the opportunity to help you in creating your dream custom home. We want to be your family home design and Construction Company.

A Home Design That Reflects Your Lifestyle

Our seasoned home designers specialize in capturing the core of your building site and your wish list. Our main goal is to make your home an expression of your personality, lifestyle, and dreams. We will interview you to have an in-depth understanding of your design program, aesthetics, material preferences, and budget. 

You will provide us with your local codes, site information, and covenants. Our designers will visit your project site so that they can fully understand and even visualize its opportunities, views, and constraints. We will then come up with a design that will maximize the advantages of the building site, deals with any challenges, and complies with the regulations affecting your property.

Affordable Custom Home Design Services

At Blue Ridge Custom Homes, our charges are mainly based on the building site. We always write a fee and service agreement to our clients and give preliminary concept sketches for homeowners to review. Your home design will become complete as we transition from hand-drawn sketches to the computer layouts.

We will then produce full-size CAD floor plans, a site plan, and exterior elevations for your final design approval. We can even create 3D color computer models and unique renderings of your design to give you an exact look of your new home just as you imagined.

Custom Home Design Services You Will Love

The friendly team at Blue Ridge Custom Homes is fully equipped with the experience and knowledge to design the perfect custom house for you and your family. We will also arrange all the necessary certifications needed. We love designing and building houses that are custom in nature. We understand that no two clients are the same, and no two houses should be the same.

At Blue Ridge Custom Homes, we understand the importance of showcasing the dreams of homeowners and we do this by designing and building individualistic and unique homes.