Post and Beam Construction Style

Post and beam style of construction relies on superior grade heavy timbers to create beautiful interiors. This method of construction is celebrated because of its durability and environmentally-friendly impact. At Blue Ridge Custom Homes, we prefer this method of construction because it is designed to last for a century and even more if your home is given proper maintenance over time.

While Post and Beam construction style dates back to ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian architecture, it continues to be a popular option for homes because of its immense benefits. However, post and beam construction styles requires expertise, particular when it comes to planning the design and layout of the building itself. Our team is made up of 100% custom builders who ensure that every house is unique and of superior quality. Our wide range of experience allows us to provide any custom home design that you could ever dream of.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy with our post and beam construction style include the following.

Timely Construction

The simplicity of post and beam construction and craftsman style construction enables buildings to be erected very quickly.  The assembly of the home is accelerated since there are fewer structural joints needed to complete the house. Furthermore, infill panels can also be pre-constructed offsite and then added to the building instantly.

Customizable Floor Plans

Post and beam structures do not have load-bearing walls since the timber does all the work. This allows homeowners to choose exactly where they want to place walls, doors, horse stalls, windows and anything else you would want in your custom home.

Extraordinary Strength

Post and beam home construction style is embedded in early Oriental architecture. This style of construction approach sweeps the globe because of its inherent strength. Some medieval post and beam structures are still in existence today.  Post and beam structures are normally the only buildings that are left standing after earthquakes and hurricanes.  At Blue Ridge Custom Homes, we have experience building post and beam homes that last for years.

Natural Elegance

Exposed beams usually create a visual rhythm that many people find appealing. Wood is treasured because of its innate warmth. Furthermore, the airy interior spaces resulting from post and beam construction tend to resonate with beauty.

Home building styles come in and out of fashion, but the post and beam construction is one that has demonstrated its staying power for good reasons. Post and beam buildings are the best for any aspiring homeowner because of their sound invest that offers timeless aesthetics and longevity. At Blue Ridge Custom Homes, we can help you design post and beam homes or craftsman homes that you will love. We can create fabulous post and beam structures that meet your needs, personality, and lifestyle.