Professional Home Renovation Services

Your house should be the best place where you can escape the stress and struggles of the world. If you are always thinking of ways to enhance the look and feel of your home rather than enjoying its comfort, then you should get in touch with Blue Ridge Custom Homes today. We offer topnotch home renovation services that will transform your house into a space that you will love for years to come.

Functional and beautiful home remodels

With home remodel services from Blue Ridge Custom homes, we will cater to all your needs from simple to complex renovation projects. We can take an older home and transform it into a work of art. We specialize in whole-house remodeling, additions, room extensions, and bathroom and kitchen remodeling. As the best renovation contractors near me, we utilize our knowledge and experience to turn your house into a reality that is as beautiful as it is comfortable.

Kitchen renovations

If you have been inspired by a kitchen design on television, the magazines, or at a friend’s house, you should get a complete kitchen remodel. Renovating the kitchen is one of the most important projects that any homeowner can undertake. In most cases, the kitchen is a reflection of the taste and personality of the homeowner.

At Blue Ridge Custom Homes, we can help you in designing and constructing an elegant kitchen. We can handle a range of kitchen renovations including adding electronics, installing new kitchen sinks, and adding more cabinets. You can trust the best house building contractor near me to transform your kitchen beautifully while keeping the renovation costs down.

Functional and elegant bathroom remodeling

Remodeling bathrooms makes them beautiful and unique. Renovation of bathrooms can be dome out of necessity or to give your bathroom a spa-like look to enhance your relaxation space. Replacing fixtures and cabinets can give your bathroom a new and updated look and also boost your resale opportunities.

Whether you want new tubs, faucets, plumbing, or floors, our team at Blue Ridge Custom Homes can offer quality renovation services that suit your budget. As your ideal renovation contractors near me, we will provide design services that are essential in ensuring that all your features are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Planning for a remodel or renovation of any size can be quite overwhelming and frustrating because of the loads of work involved. We will use our extensive experience both in construction and design to make your whole project a breeze. As the best house building contractor near me, we will offer you superior quality renovation services that will be delivered on time and within the stipulated budget.